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Site Specific Nutrient Disorders
Zinc Deficiency
Areas affected
Zinc deficiency symptoms are commonly seen both in acid as well as alkaline soils where cassava is cultivated in India.
Deficiency symptoms
Interveinal chlorosis of younger leaves is the characteristic symptom of zinc deficiency. First, small white or pale yellow spots or patches appear in between the veins of leaves. The lobes of leaves become narrow, chlorotic and will curl upward. In case of severe zinc deficiency, tips of leaves become necrotic.

Zinc deficiency symptom on cassava leaf

Zinc deficient plant in acid soils

Zinc deficient plants in alkaline soils
Corrective measures
Apply 12.5 kg Zn / ha as ZnSO47H2O at planting or incorporate ZnO before planting (cassava). If the problem is found to be less severe, foliar application of 1-2% solution of ZnSO47H2O is very effective. Under alkaline conditions of Salem and Gujarat, for cassava, stake treatment is recommended since Zn supplied to soil is precipitated at high pH (6.7-8.0). Under such situations, dip the stakes of cassava in 2-4% solution of ZnSO47H2O for 15 minutes prior to planting or apply 1-2% solution of ZnSO47H2O as foliar spray.
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