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Site Specific Nutrient Disorders
Boron deficiency
Areas affected
Boron deficiency is seen in some acid soils where cassava is cultivated in India.
Deficiency symptoms
Since boron is highly immobile within the phloem, the symptoms of boron deficiency appear on growing tips of cassava. If plants are uprooted, we can see very poor lateral root development and death of root tips. The plants will become shorter by a reduction in intermodal length. At the growing tip of plants, leaves will be small and deformed with short petioles and gummy lesions on the petioles. Brown gummy lesions on the petioles at the leaf tip and on growing portion of stems is a symptom of boron deficiency.

Boron deficiency symptoms on cassava leaf

Boron deficiency symptoms on cassava stem
Corrective measures
In areas where boron deficiency seen, apply 10 kg / ha B as borax or dip the stakes in 0.5-1 % borax solution before planting cassava.
Central Tuber Crops Research Institute
Sreekariyam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 17