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Site Specific Nutrient Disorders
Manganese deficiency
Areas affected
In alkaline soils of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, manganese deficiency commonly seen. Manganese deficiency is common in calcareous soils.

Deficiency symptoms
The typical symptoms of manganese deficiency are interveinal chlorosis of leaves in the middle portion of the cassava plant. Manganese deficiency symptoms will not be seen on youngest leaves and by which we can distinguish manganese deficiency from iron deficiency. In case of severe manganese deficiency, the leaves will become completely chlorotic.

Manganese deficiency symptoms on cassava leaf

Manganese deficient plant
Corrective measures
In manganese deficient areas, soil application of MnO or manganese sulphate or foliar spray of MnSO44H2O (1-2% solution) is recommended. Dip the stakes in 5% solution of MnSO4 4H2O for 15 min. before planting.
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