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Possible fields of application of various modified starches

Modified Starches Developed by CTCRI Possible End Uses/Users
Pregelatinized starch Pharmaceutical excepient, food ingredient, oil mud drilling (Food, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries).
Physically modified starches (Heat-moisture treated starches, annealed starches, steam-pressure treated starches, microwave irradiated starches. Food ingredient- thickener/viscosifier in food products, preparation of resistant starch, paper sizing (Food and paper industries).
Oxidized starch Food ingredient in convenience foods, instant puddings, sauces and soup powders, in paper industry as a surface sizing agent, textile industry binding agent in paper industry (Food, paper and textile industries). 
Starch acetate Pharmaceutical excepient, as controlled/sustained release polymer, warp sizing on textiles (Pharmaceutical, textile industries).
Succinylated starch Food ingredient- as binders and thickening agents in foods; tablet disintegrant in pharmaceuticals, surface sizing agents and coatings, binders in paper (Food, pharmaceutical and paper industries).
Octenyl succinate starch Emulsion stabilizers for oil in aqueous systems, products with a DS up to 0.02 are allowed to use for food purposes, as emulsifiers and emulsion stabilizers in beverages and salad dressings, as flavor-encapsulating agents and as clouding agents. (Food and pharmaceutical industries).
Starch citrates To increase the dietary fiber contents in the form of RS4 type resistant starch (Food industry).
Starch phosphates Controlled/sustained release polymer, as thickeners in food industry, emulsifying agents. (Food and pharmaceutical industries).
Carboxymethylated starch Tablet disintegrant for immediate release tablet formulations, in textile printing. (Pharmaceutical and textile industries).
Cross-linked starches Food ingredient in salad dressings, frozen foods and puddings due to high paste consistency and stability (low level of cross-linking). Highly crosslinked starch is thermally stable and can find application as surgical dusting powder, sizing of textiles (Food, Pharmaceutical and textile industries).
Hydroxypropylated starches Due to high freeze-thaw stability, hydroxypropyl starches can be used in frozen food industry and are used in canned sauces and gravies (Frozen food industry).
Cationic starches Paper and textile sizing, in cosmetics, flocculation agents in waste water clarification (Paper, textile, cosmetic and water treatment industries)
Grafted starch Controlled/Sustained release polymer, oil mud drilling, controlling filtrate loss for drilling muds, modifying viscosity in displacement fluids and inhibiting the hydration of clay and shale for enhanced oil recovery, water treatment, development of biodegradable plastic materials, water absorbing materials, sizing agents in textile (Pharmaceutical, textile, petroleum, water treatment industries)
Pyrodextrins Fat-replacers in low-calorie foods and in bakery glazes, as protective coatings in confectionary and crispy coatings in fried snacks, resistant starch production, components in sausages and meat emulsions (Food industry).

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