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Site Specific Nutrient Disorders
Iron deficiency
Areas affected
Iron deficiency is widespread in alkaline soils of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra where cassava is grown.

Deficiency symptoms
Iron deficiency is characterized by chlorosis of younger leaves. First, the symptoms will appear in interveinal areas of leaves and later on all portions of leaves including veins will become chlorotic. In the case of iron deficiency, the green veins will become prominent in between the yellowish interveinal areas, while in the case of manganese deficiency, the boundary between green veins and chlorotic interveinal areas becomes diffuse. Iron deficient plants become stunted in growth, leaves will be smaller in size than normal leaves but will not be deformed.

Iron deficiency symptoms on cassava leaf

Iron deficient plant in Vertisols of Tamil Nadu

Iron deficient plant in Vertisols of Maharashtra
Corrective measures
Apply 1-2% FeSO4.7H2O solution as foliar spray. Dip stakes of cassava in 5% FeSO47H2O solution for 15 minutes before planting.
Central Tuber Crops Research Institute
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