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Information technology had become an important component in the research and development activities of CTCRI. CTCRI had already done some important works on the applications of IT in tuber crops research and extension. We have developed many on line and off line software for various applications which benefit our clienteles like industrialists, farmers etc. This site is developed for providing the tuber crops community a common platform for accessing our on line services freely. We welcome the suggestions for improving these services. This website is developed to provide an easy platform to access all the online tools developed by CTCRI.

Variety Finder

Tool which helps to identify the varieties correctly based on their morphological attributes.
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Oushadham is an on line diagnostic tool to identify the disease, pest or nutrient related problem affecting your crop correctly and to suggest the remedial measures.
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Tuber Information Cafe

Tuber Information Cafe (TIC), gives you all vital and neccessary information regarding all tuber crops.
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Sree Visakham Cassava Expert System

This is a web based expert system on cassava.
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Nutrient Management-Modified Starches-Crop Statistics

Online tool for Nutrient management, information about modified starches and tuber crops statistics are integrated in this module
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Library e-Service

This is a web based library system for ICAR CTCRI - Sreekaryam. This system provides a collection of public articles, public news, content types, audio and video clips with regard to development and research in agriculture.
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